yo, my name is Meg and I draw things sometimes.

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proooooobably done with it now?? yes

proooooobably done with it now?? yes

hahahaha marble hornets what a funny name i hate hornets

that’s because hornets are absolutely terrifying

I sort of wanna watch Marble Hornets again even though it honestly started to bore me

is milk not good to drink? like i drink it a lot with spicy things and sometimes when i just don't feel like drinking water. is milk alright to drink that much??

milk is good!! I mean, for me it gets hard to drink too much whole milk because it’s too rich and makes me feel kind of bloated, but that’s why I get 2%

it’s just up to you! 

first four things I’ll advise if you want to get healthier:

  • drink water. Like, lots of water. NOW MORE
  • no soda, especially not diet that’s just gross
  • walk everyday, for as long as you can. Don’t overdo it at first ok? This is also pretty good for stress and your brain because you get to think about things and sort things out in your head
  • you don’t have to change your diet much now but start thinking about what you’re really eating ok
Tuesday, September 30, 2014

today in surrealist horror: I saw a yellow rod in my grandma’s closet today after waking up from a nap. It was diagonally placed in a top shelf where I could just see it above the curtain that covers the closet. It somehow had a sense of intense depth to it, as if it was very far away. It gave me a sense of unease. I got up later to see what it was, glimpsed it again up close, and pulled the curtain aside… to see nothing even vaguely resembling the rod in the top shelf.



take a look at this snout

you replogged this so many times and i never watched and. watch this video

the fact that I’ve only heard of you straight up decking like, 3 people, is a miracle, you are a saint

I feel like I should state, to refute the saint compliment, that one of those people was a 12 year old boy who snuck up behind me to crack a confetti egg on me for fun and scared me

I punched his glasses off


I just suddenly got asked some very probing questions about the feminist movement by someone who doesn’t seem to have a problem with it but who definitely doesn’t view themselves as part of it (conflicting things)

I did my best but I was caught off-guard wow

have you ever thought of bat country characters in terms of their mbti types?

ok so I just did some hardcore reading and, while I don’t really have a super solid grasp of all the types yet, I did find what I thought fit my main characters best. I’ll also include the sun zodiacs that I know for sure just for fun

Rose is almost without a doubt ENTP, and a Scorpio
Sloane is INFJ, and… Taaaarusss?? Maybe
Reese is INTP, though he doesn’t show it a whole lot in the narrative… he’s not much himself in the story. He’s a Leo but a bad one, even when he is fully himself :p
David is ISTP! Maybe Taurus, not too sure
and Odelia, like me, is both INFP and Pisces

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